Evans Waterless Coolant

Turbotech is a stockist for Evans Waterless Coolant.

Limitations of water-based coolant regularly cross from efficient Nucleate Boiling, where the Vapor finds liquid coolant cold enough to condense it, to a Vapor Insulating Condition. The liquid coolant is not cool enough to condense the vapor and a pocket of vapor forms that insulates the hot metal from the liquid coolant, water vapor conducts heat very poorly about 94% worse. The hot metal gets hotter, making a hotspot that causes detonation issues. EVANS coolants avoids Vapor Insulation Conditions because any vapor condenses immediately into coolant that is always very much colder than its high boiling point.

Why use Evans Waterless Coolant?

Evans Waterless Coolant is heat resistant and will remain in a liquid state until above 180°C. This makes it superior to water based coolant. At high temperatures, a water based coolant will turn to steam which has virtually no capacity for heat transfer. Even at extremely high temperatures, Evans will remain liquid and continue to transfer heat in engines.

Download our Evans Waterless Engine Coolant pdf guides; Evans Heavy Duty and Evans Auto